Car Paint Protection

Car Paint Protection From Stone Chips & Scratches

Standard Car Paint Protection Kit
Service Duration: 12 Hours
Includes: Front Bumper, Headlights, Mirrors

From £600

Full Front Car Paint Protection Kit
Service Duration: 48 Hours
Includes: Front Bumper, Bonnet, Wings, Side Skirts, Headlights, Mirrors

From £1100

Complete Car Paint Protection Kit
Service Duration: 3-4 Days
Includes: All the vehicle external painted sections

From £1900

Car Paint Protection From Stone Chips & Scratches

We offer automotive paint protection film, to help you safeguard your vehicle from stone chips and scratches. This will also help to retain your cars resale value . This crystal clear layer is invisible and acts as a protection over your car’s paint. Your car will be protected against paint cracking, peeling, and discolouration.

This thin film has certain unusual qualities, such as being optically clear and based on urethane vinyl. When it comes to applying this fantastic protective coating, we provide you plenty of options. For example, you can use this shield to protect the bumper, bonnet, wheel arches, door edges, door handles, and even the lights, and of course, we can protect the whole car with a full body wrap.

The paint protection looks like paint which means it can be treated like paint We can wax or add additional protection on top of the layer. For example, experience has shown that using Opti-Colour coating with paint protection film is absolutely safe. This feature allows us to clean the surface properly while also giving a very glossy finish.

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