Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels for a car are similar to what shoes are for us, humans. We take out our best shoes when we are visiting somebody or attending an event. Moreover, we also take out time to polish them and maintain them in order to keep them presentable. Same is the case with your car’s alloy wheels: it requires refurbishment and spraying to maintain its top look.


Wheel Refurbishment

Impact-Window-Tinting is your one-stop location for getting all the necessary services for your car especially wheel refurbishment and spray. We, at Impact-Window-Tinting, realize how customers feel about the look and visual feel of their cars and, hence, we are offering this service to give new life to your alloy wheels so that you can drive your car with king-like confidence.

You might mistake our wheel refurbishment service for a cleaning service, which is actually not true. We have a highly trained staff which is ready to repair any major and minor damages to your wheels to get it back to its original beauty. We use diamond cutting lathes to ensure fast service without an inch of compromise on quality.

As for the color and finishing, we give our customers the liberty to choose any color that they would like us to respray on their car’s wheels. They can also select which finish they would like to get: whether matte, gloss or chrome. So, basically, it is totally up for you to decide!

We have a long history of satisfied customers and assure you that after you opt for our wheel refurbishment service you will not be dissatisfied. And, we are confident that you will leave with your wheels looking as good as new! Be it tough scuffs or scratches, our experts have got it all covered. We have got all the tools and equipment to restore your wheels to the way they were when you first got them!

Why waste time? Your car deserves a royal treatment. Call us today and have your car’s wheels refurbished to their best looking selves.

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