Car Audio

Are you unsatisfied with your car audio? Would you like to get it fixed or change it altogether if the need be? Well, Impact-Window-Tinting brings you all the possible solutions there are to revamp or replace your car’s audio so that you drive your vehicle while having the perfect sound experience.

We, at Impact-Window-Tinting, consider it our responsibility to deliver customers with the best car audio system that they deserve. And, in a bid to that, we are offering some amazing services to augment your car’s sound.

Our services include full sound system wiring, upgrading speakers in general, and also car door speakers and services related to bass boxes. And this is not all; we provide immaculate customer services to all our buyers as well to keep them returning back to us whenever they need anything pertaining to their car’s audio.

Furthermore, as a responsible and caring establishment, we are also offering DVD Players and Screens to further augment the car’s sound system. We can get you headrest screens, double din screens, and single din screens depending on your requirement. You can even choose a Flip-up Screen, if that is what you are looking for… as we have got it all!

We have a professional team which is highly skilled and experienced in everything there is to car audio and entertainment systems. We use the industry’s best practices as we install and upgrade our customer’s speaker and audio systems. This diminishes any chance of complaint or dissatisfaction.

Impact Window Tinting is your one-stop solution for all car audio needs. Rest assured that the equipment we supply and install is from the biggest and most trusted brands in the industry. Hence, we only believe in the best and deliver the best. Contact us today for the finest audio solutions for your car!

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