Car Window Tinting

Impact-Window-Tinting, as the name suggests, began operations initially as a window tinting service. It was our inaugural offering to potential customers and, we can say without exaggeration that we were met with almost instantaneous success.

We were overwhelmed with the response and encouragement we got from our valued customers. And, it was only after the success of our tinting service did we decide to diversify into other areas as well. It is easy for us to say that if there is a service that is integral to the existence of our establishment then it has to be Window Tinting.

We are very proud of our tinting service. At Impact-Window-Tinting, we use the best quality tint films which are scratch resistant and, to top that, even provide a lifetime warranty for them. We make it a priority to perform seamless installation of the tint films to ensure that there are no swivels and that the
films adequately cover the desired windows.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Our window tinting service provides our customers with a number of significant benefits. First of all, a tinted car tends to remain a lot cooler during hotter days than a regular vehicle. Not only does it add to your vehicle’s comfort but also means lesser work for your car’s air conditioner. This, in turn, reduces the fuel consumption of your car as well.

Our window tints are great at protecting you from accidents and the sun’s harmful rays. In case of an accident, the tinting holds any shattered glass together and significantly reduces chances of injury. While on the other hand, it shields passengers from the harmful cancer-causing UV rays as well. Moreover, tinting adds to your privacy and obstructs people from gazing into your car from a distance.

Hence, it helps in keeping thieves and burglars at bay… while also making sure that inquisitive people mind their own business! What are you waiting for? Call us at Impact-Window-Tinting and get your car windows tinted today!

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