HID Kits

Are you still driving a car with a fading yellow halogen bulb headlight? Have you been looking for an alternate but just didn’t get enough time to search for it? Well, worry no more, as Impact-Window-Tinting brings you the perfect solution for your lighting woes… HID kits!


Cool, attractive, efficient and effective: HID kits are the logical successors to the old and aging standard halogen bulb that most cars come fitted with. It breathes a new life into your car and makes it capture the attention of every bystander.

However, it is not all about aesthetics. HID kits produce much brighter light which allows drivers to have better visibility and concentration as they travel on any route, whether long or short. And this is not just some arbitrary statement, research has shown an increasing correlation between the use of HID kits and the driver’s level of concentration.

These HID kits are not like your ordinary lighting systems. Rather they are the result of some intricate engineering where you get over three times brighter light, thanks to its Xenon bulbs, with surprisingly low power consumption. The light shares commonality with our everyday natural sunlight and resembles it especially in its bright white color. This allows greater visibility and makes for the ideal lighting system for any car.

Moreover, your bright HID lights will correctly reflect important signs and road markings for you to see. Rest assured, the moment you experience the power of HID, you will never aspire for anything less. At Impact-Window-Tinting, we can help you with the installation and conversion of HID kits which are ideally made for compatibility with all major car brands such as Mercedes, Seat, Skoda, VW Golf, BMW, Vauxhall and Ford etc.


Impact-Window-Tinting brings you the best HID kits in the market. It is our top priority to supply our customers with nothing less than the best products and with full-on customer services that are tailored to satisfy you to the finest detail.

Contact us, and get your HID kits today!

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